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 Friends, a day like this definitely comes in the life of all of us. That we face a big problem of money. We don't get money from anywhere. Suppose, even if we borrow money from somewhere, we have to return it after some time. But again the same thing, from where did we get the money back so quickly? Today people are only concerned with money. Today no one understands anyone's problems. So friends, do you also want that you never face any such problem that you too never have to lend your hand to anyone?

Do you also want that you do not have to be humiliated in front of anyone for money? So friends, for this we have come up with an app through which you can take a loan and time is also given to repay the loan. So friends, the name of the app we will mention today is- Credit Loan app. Friends, today we will tell you how much amount you can get from Credit Loan app, for how many days you can take loan from Credit Loan app, how much interest you will have to pay on taking loan from Credit Loan app, how to take loan from Credit Loan app. What are the qualifications required, how to apply for loan from Credit Loan app, so friends let's start.

What is Credit Loan App?

Friends, first of all I am going to tell you what is Credit Loan App (Credit Loan App Se Loan Kaise Le) and what is its use. Friends, Credit Loan App gives you loan which provides you loan in few steps. You get 100% online loan, with its help you can take Online Instant Loan, in this you do not need to go anywhere offline. This application was started on 6 December 2020 and since then till now more than 100000 people have joined it, which is Have taken loan.

Will you get a loan of this much rupees in Credit Loan App?

Friends, before taking Online Instant Loan, you should definitely find out how much loan that application is providing to you because who knows, it may be a loan of less rupees than your requirement, that is why first of all you should find out how much loan is provided by this application. Like you need Rs 20000 and Loan Application can give you a maximum loan of Rs 10000 then that application (Credit Loan App Se Loan Kaise Le) is not of use to you because you need Rs 20000.

For how many days does Credit Loan App give you loan?

Friends, before taking a loan from any application, you must find out how many days will be given to us to repay the loan given to us or the loan we have taken because after taking the loan, we have to repay it with interest. This is also because friends, if you are given less time to repay the loan, then it will be very difficult for you to repay the loan (Credit Loan App Se Loan Kaise Le). Similarly, Credit Loan App will give you at least 91 days and maximum time to repay the loan. It gives a maximum time of 182 days, so only if you can repay the loan in this many days then you should think of taking a loan from Credit Loan App.

Loan App Eligibility Criteria

You must be a citizen of India.

Your age should be at least 21 years and maximum 45 years.

You must have a source of income every month.

You must have a bank account that is active.

Why take loan from Credit Loan App?

It does not take any kind of your credit history.

In this you do not need to go anywhere offline, the process of taking loan is completely online.

There are many types of options to return the money.

In this, you can apply for loan anytime within 24 hours (Credit Loan App Se Loan Kaise Le).

In this, it takes less time to get response to your loan request.

In this, as soon as your loan is approved, money comes to your bank account.

Credit Loan App Online Apply

  • First of all you have to go to Google Play Store and download and install Home Credit Loan App.
  • After this, you have to create an account in this app by entering your mobile number.
  • After this you will be asked for some permissions, allow it.
  • Now the option of Personal Loan will appear in front of you, click on Apply Now there.
  • After this, select your email ID and choose your language.
  • After this click on the option of Submit Loan Application.
  • After this, you have to enter the information for which you want to take the loan, what work you do, your important documents etc.
  • Now upload your selfie and PAN card photo.
  • After this, enter your personal information asked in the app.
  • After this you will be asked some questions in the app, answer them in Yes or No.
  • After this click on Check My Offer.
  • After this, a timer of 2 minutes will appear in front of you, you have to wait for that much time.
  • After this, select the loan amount you want to take and check the loan repayment period and also see your EMI below.
  • After this, allow the Terms and Condition and click on Continue option.
  • If you have not entered the bank account details then you have to submit the bank details.
  • After this you have to upload the photo of Aadhar card in PDF format.
  • After uploading, click on Proceed.
  • After this, a form will open in front of you where all your information will be visible, after this you have to click on Activate below.
  • After this you have to add your bank account in which you want to take the loan amount. Click on Setup Debit.
  • After this, a message of congratulations will appear in front of you, that is, the loan amount chosen by you has been transferred to your account. Check balance in bank account.

Home Credit Loan App Customer Support

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  • Address: Home Credit India Finance Private Limited, DLF Infinity Towers, Tower C, 3rd Floor, DLF Cyber City Phase II, Gurugram-122002

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