How to check how many sim cards activated on your ID

 How to check how many sim cards activated on your ID

How many numbers are active in your name, how many sims are running in my name. How many sim active on my aadhar card You can check how many sims are taken in your name from home. If you want to avoid any fraud caused by SIM card. So how many SIMs are active on your Aadhar card? You must know this thing. But for this it is necessary that your mobile number is linked with your Aadhar card. Because an OTP will come on your registered mobile number for verification. Only then you can get all the information related to your Aadhar card. According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India i.e. TRAI, a maximum of 18 SIM cards can be withdrawn on one Aadhar card.

In 2018, the government increased the limit of 9 SIM cards to 18 but this new limit will be available only to customers with Embedded-Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM). Users with eSIM do not need to purchase a new SIM card when making a new connection or changing service providers. It is only installed in the customer’s device. The details of the service provider are updated at the time of making a new connection.

Officials said that a person can get a maximum of 18 mobile connections issued. Many times there are reports that someone is running a mobile number in our name or someone has taken a SIM without our knowledge. In such a situation, now you can easily know how many mobile numbers are active in your name. Regarding this, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has launched a portal –, with the help of which you can easily know whether someone is using mobile number in your name without your knowledge. . If your Aadhaar is registered with your mobile number. So follow some simple steps given below.

Step by step process:

• First open the portal

• Log in with mobile number and OTP in the box here.

• You will see a list of all the active SIM card mobile numbers from your ID.

• If there is a number in this list that you are unaware of, you can report it.

• For that, select the number and select ‘This is not my number’.

• Submit the name written in the ID given in the box above.

• Now click on the Report box below.

• You will also get a ticket ID reference number after making a complaint.

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