Mahila Swavalamban Yojana Gujrat 2023

The Government of Gujarat has implemented Mahila Swavalamban Yojana Gujrat 2022 by the Department of Women and Child Development for the purpose of development of women and advancement of women through the Ministry of Women & Child Development Department Gujrat in the State of Gujarat also. , And for the purpose of making women self-reliant.

Let me tell you that in the year 1975 International Women’s Year, all the problems of women at the national level and for the solution of all those problems were discussed on a large scale by the World Women’s Organization. Economic Development Corporation was started.

The Government of Gujarat through Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation is making efforts for the development of women in the state and making women self reliant through government low interest loan scheme for women.

Business Loans for Women 2023

To organize camps at different places by the Gujrat Women Economic Development Corporation Department of the Government of Gujarat and through these camps interact with the women and provide necessary guidance to the women and train them and motivate them for self employment. . So that women can live their lives by raising their heads in the society.

Mahila Swavalamban Yojana is run by Gujarat Mahila Economic Development Corporation as Mahila Yojana in Gujarat Government. This scheme can also be identified as a government loan scheme. Therefore, women get loans from the government for their own employment. So that women can start any business. The loan that is given is called business loan and in that loan up to 15% subsidy is given by Subsidy Schemes For Women.

Objectives of Mahila Swavalamban Yojana Gujarat.

A Morendum Of Article was published in the name of Gujrat Women Economic Development Corporation Department. It aims to develop women by providing them with necessary training, necessary assistance and necessary facilities.Under this scheme loans are given for financial business. The main objective of the government is to provide assistance to the poorest families, families living in rural areas and women living below the poverty line in urban areas. Under Mahila Swavalamban Yojana, loans are given by various banks of Gujarat for the economic development of women.

Eligibility of Mahila Swavalamban Yojana

The following eligibility criteria have been determined by the Gujrat Women Economic Development Corporation Department, Gandhinagar to avail the benefits of this scheme.

Beneficiary must be a woman and must be a citizen of Gujarat.

Age of female beneficiary is required to be 21 to50 years.

If the female beneficiary is living in a rural area, her family income should be up to 1,20000 (one lakh twenty thousand

if the female beneficiary is living in an urban area then her family income should be up to 1,50000 (one lakh fifty thousand).

How much loan is available for Mahila Swavalamban Yojana.

Under this scheme, women need money to start a new business – to open employment, so they are given loans by banks.

Loans up to Rs. 2,00,000 (two lakhs) are given to the beneficiary by the banks.

Subsidies are given on the business for which the beneficiary has taken a loan. Of which subsidy is given up to 15%.

In case of non-payment of subsidy, a maximum of Rs. 30,000 is given, whichever is less.

In which business-employment subsidy is given for Mahila Swavalamban Yojana.

The following is a list of businesses employed by Mahila Economic Development Corporation Gandhinagar for this scheme

The following is a list of businesses employed by Mahila Economic Development Corporation Gandhinagar for this scheme

  • રોજગાર ના નામ:રોજગાર ની સંખ્યા
  • એંજીનીયરિંગ વ્યવસાય:44
  • સેવાકીય વ્યવસાય:42
  • સૌંદર્ય પ્રસાધન વ્યવસાય:37
  • કાપડ ઉધોગ:29
  • વેપાર ના વ્યવસાય:24
  • પ્લાસ્ટીક વ્યવસાય:21
  • ફરસાણ વ્યવસાય:20
  • હસ્થ કલા વ્યવસાય:16
  • જંગલ પેદાશ ના વ્યવસાય:11
  • પેપર પ્રિંટીંગ અને સ્ટેશનરી વ્યવસાય:11
  • ખેત પેદાશો આધારીત વ્યવસાય:11
  • ખનિજ આધારિત વ્યવસાય:07
  • સિરામિક ઉધોગ:06
  • ઇલેક્ટ્રિક ઉધોગ:06
  • ચર્મ વ્યવસાય:05
  • અન્ય વ્યવસાય:17
  • ડેરી વ્યવસાય:02
  • કુલ વ્યવસાય:307

Document Of MSY for Mahila Swavalamban Yojana

Copy of Aadhaar card of female beneficiary.

Copy of ration card of female beneficiary.

Income certificate of female beneficiary.

Copy of caste certificate of female beneficiary.

Copy of proof of age.

Price list of furniture, raw materials for the business to be done. Certificates of experience and study

મહિલા સ્વાવલંબન યોજના ગુજરાત નું ફોર્મ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો

Official Website:Click here

Mahila Swavalamban Yojana Gujarat Liaison Office:

To get the necessary information about this scheme, the beneficiary has to contact the District Level Women and Children Department Office at District Panchayat. This office must be at each District Panchayat.

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